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What Clients Are Saying | References

What Clients Are Saying | References

carl1Carl Mason-Liebenberg

CEO / Elements of Wellness / All Natural Weight Loss, Natural Healing and Exercise for Women

Terressa Cortez took over my Google+ account management a few months ago. Before hiring her, I struggled, often even forgetting to post on that platform. But, I’m here to tell you that with her daily hard work, my account is thriving. My following is growing daily, my interaction is unprecedented and I don’t have to stress or worry along the way. And she brings the same results to any platform you need assistance with in your social media business investments. And so, it is without any reservation or hesitation that I strongly recommend Terressa Cortez for your social media management needs.

315940_2416781387857_967595525_nSusan Preston

CEO / Susan Preston Relationship Expert

I have known Terressa Cortez for well over a year. Her work is impeccable, as she pays attention to the smallest of details. Terressa puts her heart and soul in doing her tasks to the best of her ability. She uploads my blog-post as well as my newsletters, repurposes articles for me. I love her ability to be able to be your voice whether it is in repurposing an article or in a social media post. One of the Terressa’s strongest qualities is her integrity. I highly recommend her, you will be glad that you did.

576263_478788732155358_1446978299_nKerry Postel

Owner / Abacus Bookkeeping

I have been working with Terressa for the last few months and she has exceeded my expectations. She is always one step ahead of me and is a huge asset to me and my business. She is reliable and trustworthy and I know the job will get done and done well. Terressa is an important part of my business and I cannot imagine life without her.

733763_448499598522296_1424667647_n Elizabeth Maness 

Owner / Social Assistant

Terressa has been helping me with scheduling my social media and I am truly grateful for her assistance. She is a very reliable and trustworthy individual. She is thorough, efficient and takes assignments seriously as her own. I will continue to work with Terressa and to recommend her highly.

417966_499479123439563_1642642453_n Tara Chatzaki

Owner / Tara Chatzaki Services

Terressa has been helping me with aspects of my social media for some time now and I am truly grateful for her assistance. She has consistently been there for me proving herself both reliable and trustworthy. She is adaptable too and has had no issues taking on extra responsibilities for me. I will continue to work with Terressa adding additional areas for her to help me with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She is a star.

402895_10150908539077396_562128613_nDean White

 Owner / Veriis Social  

Terressa Cortez has worked with and for me, and I would recommend her as an assistant for the following reasons.  She is thorough, efficient and takes assignments seriously as her own. Terressa is also very proficient on the computer and has the ability to learn new technology quickly. Projects are completed timely and correctly.

185085_4295028661489_1974345995_n Meryl Hershey Beck 

Author / Counselor / Teacher 

Terressa has been assisting me with my Google + page for many months and I can really count on her efficiency. Working with her continues to be a great experience. 

486265_10200299272467804_1135320853_nTina Anderson 

Owner / Tina Anderson

Terressa has been instrumental in not only maintaining my Twitter following/followers ratio but she has also steadily added qualified followers while weeding out those that don’t match my brand and goals. Thanks to her diligence and professionalism, I don’t have to worry about these issues and can instead focus on positive and meaningful interactions on my feed. She is conscientious, reliable, thorough and easy to work with. I have asked her to “cover” for me while on vacation and I completely trust her to also handle my interactions when I cannot.