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Think Big and Believe It

I have been reading a book called “The Magic of Thinking Big”. It has helped me to understand that you have to think big and then believe it to be possible. We don’t realize that we don’t set high goals for ourselves because we are so afraid of not reaching them. The problem with that is we don’t grow, we waste time not know our full potential and what we have to offer others or how we can truly be our best selves. Here is an excerpt from the book that I think really sums it up.

The Magic of Thinking Big:
“Belief is the thermostat that regulates what we accomplish in life. Study the fellow who is shuffling down there in mediocrity. He believes he is worth little, so he receives little. He believes he can’t do big things, and he doesn’t. He believes he is unimportant, so everything he does has an unimportant mark. As time goes by, lack of belief in himself shows through in the way the fellow talks, walks, acts. Unless he readjusts his thermostat forward, he shrinks, grows smaller and smaller, in his own estimation. And, since others see in us what we see in ourselves, he grows smaller in the estimation of the people around him.
Now look across the way at the person who is advancing forward. He believes he is worth much more, and he receives much. He believes he can handle big, difficult assignments– and he does. Everything he does, the way he handles himself with people, his character, his thoughts, his viewpoints, all say, “Here is a professional. Here is an important person.”

I believe we are all important people in this world but we lack the belief in ourselves and so we accept what is around us instead of reaching for the stars. I have readjusted my thermostat to believe in my dreams and to set high goals. I just take small steps every day in order to get there. I am not expecting it to happen overnight but I believe it will happen.

  • Carl Mason-Liebenberg

    Hmmmm….must say, I needed this reminder. Very well said and perfectly timed! I'm with you. Time to dream BIG again!!!