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Professionalism in Social Media





As time goes by things change and evolve; this is the way things have always been. As the technology advances and things become easier in our lives we have set new standards on what is acceptable in society now. Instead of going to the library to research a topic someone wants to write about now they simply use Google; Instead of a suit and a tie on Sunday to church people wear jeans. As a whole we have become more lenient on our social standards.


Social Media has made many strides in the last few years. From Facebook starting out in 2004 to Pinterest where you pin pictures of food, and clothing, and ideas for your dream house created in 2010; social media has become a part of every household. Everyone we know is a member to at least one of these sites. We have all gotten addicted to posting about how we locked ourselves out of our car or cute pictures of our children. Many use these forms of communication to keep up with family and friends who are too far to see or call on a regular basis.

When the economy went down hill a few years ago many people were out of jobs and being forced to start their lives over. Many of these people had no luck in finding new jobs. Since rent still has to be paid at the end of the month even if you don’t have a job many were forced to start doing odd jobs or their hobbies for work from starting a lawn company, to becoming a personal trainer, to selling their family’s recipes. What better way to promote their business and skills than through all of their friends on Facebook? You can easily and regularly update your customers on events and things going on in your business all at one time. But, (yes, there is a but…) sometimes we forget how easily someone can find things on the Internet.

Countless people have made the mistake of posting a little too much of their personal life on the Internet for literally the world to view at their discretion. As the years pass the number of people getting fired for this bad decision has increased drastically. A woman got fired simply for stating that her job was boring. Another got fired because she sent a picture to a coworker and her boss saw it and thought it was inappropriate. Any one can simply go to Google now, type in your name and come up with a rough outline of your life. One teacher went on vacation and toured a brewery in Ireland and posted a picture of her tasting it on her Facebook and got fired for it.


Being careful is not just looking out for predators any more. Everyone who uses a social network needs to show a sense of professionalism. Even if you only use the network for your private life you never know who may be watching what you are saying and doing. If you do not need your different profiles to be in the public eye so that everyone can get to them make sure you set it so the public can not easily access your information. Simple rule of thumb, if you would not want to share this with your grandmother then you should not share it on a public site. 


         For lack of a better phrase you need to remember ‘Someone is always watching!’ Choose your words and information you share wisely. Once gone you can't take them back. You may go and delete  them but you can believe somone has already seen it.


  • elizabeth Maness

    I Love this post sweet and it’s true! I often wonder what people are thinking and why they think it’s okay to post things on Social Media that they would never say any where else. 😉 I’ve had a strong talk with my children about it too. ahh.;) Very nice post doll!

    • Terressa

      Thank you Elizabeth. I appreciate your input all of the time !