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Hassle Free Social Media – Hourly Services

Hourly Services:

You decide where it is you need the most help with accordingly and we will accomplish the task on an hourly basis.

As we begin to work together you may find you need more hours or prefer moving over to a monthly  service.

With the Hourly Services option you pay for a minimum of 2 hours. Once you decide what area of social media you want me to focus on we go to work on your social media for you. As we near the end of the selected time frame, we will notify you so that you can extend your services.

The beauty of this option is that you to stay in control and work in different social media platforms  until you find which platform works best for your business needs.

With the  Hourly Service Package you have the options of:

Twitter Services:

  • Let’s grow your following! We will help you grow your followers, those in your niche market.
  • We will target your online community, comprised of people interested in what you have to offer. 
  • ·     Daily Twitter Posts – We will schedule Tweets for you 6 times per day.

Facebook Services:

  • Let’s Post! We will schedule your bests blog posts or other content to your Facebook account 6 times a day.   

Google+ Services:

  • Time to +! We’ll select 6 of your your bests blog posts or other content to schedule up to 6 times a day.

Pinterest Services:

  • Don’t you love Pinterest? Let’s dedicate 1 hr per week . 
  • We will select 25-30 specific pins and boards to focus our attention on and make your account soar.

Email Services/ Communications Services:

  • You can easily become buried in emails as your business grow. We will help out by replying for you.  
  • We can also schedule your appointments and  keep your calendar up to date.
  • Monday through Friday, we’ll take care of your selected needs.

Should you desire to have posts and communications scheduled for the weekend, we’ll apply 20 minutes from your credit and have you all set and ready to go.  As you make you selections, please be aware that each two hour credit must be used for a specific single option from above.  For example Twitter Services. If you need more than one option you will need to purchase multiple  two hour blocks and specify each service that will benefit your business.

Also, if you are wanting more hours then what is offered, please feel free to contact me at terreasjcortez@gmail  and we can discuss any further business needs. 

In order to begin, we will need:

  • Determine exactly what your business needs are. We can discuss this via phone, skype or email.
  • You will need to provide the tweets or posts that you want scheduled, provided weekly, monthly or however you see fit as long as they are provided on time so that your social media platform stays current.
  • And of course, that pesky matter of payment.

We will keep all tweets and posts in a file for you as we move along so that we can refer back to reuse as time progresses.

Let’s Get Started!